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Whether chic, playful or edgy, Emily Gualdoni’s photographs never cease to surprise and engage. Combining a true passion for photography with her innate artistic talent, Gualdoni’s portfolio demonstrates her versatility and an intuitive, perhaps sometimes daring, approach to her beloved craft. The images embody the cool, constructed beauty: seductive, entrancing and opulent, they become the voice of fashion. Armed with the latest digital technology, an uncanny gift of storytelling and a conceptual approach, Gualdoni is a trailblazer: always on her toes, with ideas flowing and a camera at hand.

Based out of Chicago, Gualdoni is an agency approved photographer. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including Vogue Italia website, Glassbook, W25, LX Magazine, Seek Me, Stilo, See 7, Imposter,Trend Hunter, Dark Beauty Magazine, Unfolded, Lucy's Magazine, Fashion Faces Magazine, Elegant, Flawless, Devour, MOD Magazine, Modern Salon, PRize, Linger, Tipsy, American Salon and Inspire. With Gualdoni’s exceptional and up-to-date knowledge of digital workflow, from capture to post-production, her clients can always expect distinctively beautiful images created with the ease and convenience of a full in-house photography studio.

You don't take a photograph, you make it. ― Ansel Adams

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